Executive Committee:

Consists of the President, Officers of the board (Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary) and Chairperson of the Finance Committee. The Executive Committee shall have authority to act only during intervals between meetings of the full board. They shall have and may exercise authority of the Board in the management of the ordinary business and affairs of the corporation except as otherwise stated in the bylaws.

Nominating Committee:

Not less than sixty days prior to the Annual Meeting of the Board, the President shall appoint, with the approval of the Board, a Nominating Committee which shall consist of not less than three Directors. The Nominating Committee shall nominate at least one candidate for each position to be filled on the Board. Nominations may be made from the floor with the nominee’s approval.

Finance Committee:

Charged with developing the annual budget and oversight of financial activities of the organization. The Finance Committee shall consist of members of the Board, to include the Treasurer.

Personnel Committee:

Charged with reviewing performance and compensation of the Executive Director. Oversees personnel and employee grievance policies. This committee shall consist of members of the Board.

Property Committee

Program Development Committee

Other Committees:

The Board may, from time to time, establish committees which shall have such duties and which shall consist of such number of directors as the board may determine. Members of such committees shall be appointed by the President. All committees, with the exception of the Executive, Finance and Personnel Committees, may also co-adopt such other volunteer committee members, serving in an advisory capacity, who need not be Directors of Media Fellowship House.