This page is dedicated to the case of Alexander McClay Williams….


Fox 29  Video – April 3, 2017
Delaware County family hopes to clear a teen of murder 86 years later

Fox 29 Video – April 11, 2017
New evidence after local boy, 16 put to death 86 years ago

Del. Co. Times News Article – March 10, 2017
Arguments set for exoneration bid in 1930 murder case

Del. Co. Times News Article – March 11, 2017
Appeal in 87-year-old murder case gets another delay


News article about Vida Robare’s death

Oct 4th - Police Baffled

Alexander McClay Williams’ and Vida Robare’s Death Certificates


“Williams dies in chair” (an article about Alexander’s execution)

Williams Dies in Chair

A picture of Vida Robare

Vida Robare