The Media Fellowship House is an organization that was formed in 1944, after two African American women and a baby were not served at a restaurant in town. Two white women who witnessed the discrimination took them to a different restaurant where they all were served. Media Fellowship House was born that day and continues to promote fellowship and understanding between diverse cultures and generations.


  • To build a community free of injustice through programs for social change
  • To provide programs designed to further good relations and better understanding between individuals and groups and to enrich the lives of the participants
  • To provide a place where people of diverse backgrounds and beliefs can meet to enjoy common interests and to work toward the solution of common problems
  • To develop respect for and support the fundamental rights of all people



Robin G. Otto,
Sandra Baggot,
    Vice President
Claire McGeehan,
     Executive Secretary
Dr. Laird P. Warner

Joan Broadfield
Dr. Joan Duvall-Flynn
Mary Ellen Goldfarb
Maria Kotch
Michelle Meekins-Davis
Bob Mickle
Paul Robinson
Amy Wilson

Honorary Directors
Jane James
Marie Whitaker
Elinor Cadman