Please join us May 10, 2017 in the Media Borough Community Center for our 2017 Annual Meeting and Dinner. We are excited to share with you what we accomplished last year and what we have planned going forward.

The evening will begin with dinner at 6:00 PM to be followed at 7:00 PM by our Annual Meeting and presentation of Annual Awards.

This year, we have another impressive group of people who Media Fellowship House would like to honor. We hope you will join us that evening to provide your own round of applause for our awardees.

**If you are or were a member of Media Fellowship House, please renew your dues prior to the meeting if you have not already done so by choosing that option when purchasing tickets.
**You are not required to be a member to attend the Annual Dinner. You can simply purchase a dinner ticket if you do not wish to be a member (though we’d love you to join us in our mission).


2017 scholarship winners:
1st Place:  Asha Morris———-$1,000.00
2nd Place: Alexia Church——–$750.00
3rd Place:  Marquis Johnson—-$500.00
3rd Place:  Nashanti Morrison–$500.00 (tie for 3rd)

Here are links to our award winners’ websites:

1. Surrey Services        2. The Center Foundation           3. Ellen Morfei


Click here for more information and to register for the meeting.

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