Discrimination (acrylic on canvas) 36″ x 24″
by George Rothacker

Media Fellowship House has initiated an on-going forum to encourage and enable any and all community members to express views on a variety of issues. We have started with an exciting program of six sessions which feature the paintings of Delaware County artist George Rothacker on “Social Conflicts.”

The first of these gatherings took place in March and discussed George’s evocative painting on Women’s Rights. While we had a relatively small group of about a dozen interested women and men, it became clear we were “onto something.” The discussion was launched by examining the painting structure, image and meaning with George as the essential facilitator. But in the true sense of “Art Speaks,” our participants brought their own unique perspectives, resulting in a vibrant dialogue. That it meandered into other areas of concerns was not surprising.

“I was pleased with the conversation and participation. I think the level of discussion was good and represented most who attended. It seemed like everyone who came valued the experience. This is what I wanted my paintings to do, and more,” George said, adding, “I will be pleased to attend for the next talk.”

MFH recognizes we may again be in an era time of “social conflict” where citizens seek the opportunity to question, act and share views. This program seems to be just such an opportunity. Hearing from our participants that this was a valuable experience, we invite and encourage others to join our next session at Media Fellowship House on April 19. The painting launching our conversation will be “Discrimination.”

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